Ford Brothers Fighting a War.

April 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

light rail by 2020

Four light rail transit lines are scheduled to be completed by 2020.  Doug Ford complains that this is just another example of the ‘war on cars’ that is occurring in the city of Toronto.  More specifically a war on dudes driving to work, rocking out to Steeley Dan, alone in a car.  
In an interview that he conducted while on his built in car phone, John Smacker (seen below) had this to say:
I work hard all day, man.  I am so sick of people by the end of my work day that I NEED to get in my car.  The only thing keeping me from going bell tower on my co-workers is the fact that I can get in my car and blast some Steeley Dan on my drive home to Markham.
Despite the opinion of Smacker and people like him.  Plans to get light rail construction under way are in the works.

this guy’s days are numbered.

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