Students Want Their Chips And Pop

May 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

chips and pop ftw!

Brampton High School students are pro-choice when it comes to the type of foods they want in their cafeterias.  The government has adopted a food and beverage policy which has taken fatty and high sugar foods off the menu in high schools.  In their place are foods like baked fries and Diet Coke.   To show the public how they feel, the students have produced a ‘slick’ video and published it to Youtube.

Unfortunately, the government has no intention of putting unhealthy foods back on the menu.  It’s a gentle way of preparing high school kids for a world where you think you have choice but really all you have is a shitty connection from Rogers.

choice is a necessary illusion

Harper was not available to comment on this story as he was too busy choosing what colour to paint his penis…I mean fighter jets.

“can we paint one pink for my wife?”

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