Everyone Else is Lying to You

Don’t let Jeff (The Rogue) Clark and Melissa (Top Story) Story fool you.  They are smart.  Not University smart but B’s and C’s in grade 12 smart.  But that stuff is not really important.

What is important is that Jeff and Mel like to follow the news and Jeff and Mel like to make jokes.  You put the two things that Jeff and Mel like to do together and BAM you have a Real True News sandwich.  And it’s a nice sandwich.

We’re sure you know what we mean.

Regardless, thanks for stumbling upon our strange site.  We really hope it makes you laugh.  If it doesn’t, that’s unfortunate.  The funny jokes are usually written by Melissa Story and so is this sentence.

Jeff and Mel will never stop editing this about page because as human beings we are constantly evolving, stretching and refocusing.   Jeff is a yoga fanatic.

Also we perform live.  We like to.  If you have any ideas about maybe us coming and doing some comedy on your show we usually do everything for free.  We have no shame.  Also if you do want to pay us we cost like $100,000 a night.


PS.  I think Jeff still does handy j’s for $7.50.  Don’t quote me on the price.


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