Vegetarian McDonalds McMania

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Healthy Trans Fats!

Mcdonald’s has announced that in 2013 they will be opening their first vegetarian restaurant in India.  Though many see this as a win for vegetarians, Mcdonald’s says they’ll only be serving vegetables that North American customers scrape off their Big Mac’s.

McWestern Scraps!


Beached Dolphins Ride the Tide

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Lucky tide

39 beached dolphins in Boston’s Cape Cod are safe this week after returning to the ocean with the tide.   Beachgoers say that they are relieved because nothing spoils family fun day like a bunch of dolphin carcasses.  

dead dolphins ruining vacations

Now that the dolphins are back to sea, everyone can now get back to working on their tans and ignoring armageddon.

whatchoo talkin’ bout Willis?

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Mrs. Romney Loves Horseplay

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The Romney’s Slummed it at Harvard

The Presidential candidates wives opened up this week as they addressed the American public and shared pieces of their own private lives.   Michelle Obama shared that she loves spending time gardening while Anne Romney revealed her love of the intimate horse and rider sport: dressage.  

Horseplay of the Elite

Doggy Medicine

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bitch please stop whilin’ out

Dogs are much more than just ‘man’s best friend’.  Sometimes dogs are the only thing  keeping man from a padded cell.    It seems that having a  psychiatric service dog  has helped many people deal with a variety of mental disorders such as PTSD, OCD and more.  
Unfortunately the dogs are not very good at providing you with the effective psychiatric service of getting laid.

Ball Snacks

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*disclaimer – sometimes the jokes aren’t that funny because all we are doing is justifying posting a really funny picture of a dog or a kitten.

Life Imitates Disney

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it’s a miracle

Swiss scientists have discovered a way to make paralyzed rats walk again. In related news: apparently rats can walk on their hind legs,  just like the prophecy fortold us in Fivel Goes West.

Disney told us it would be like this

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A Beekeeping Nazi

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Katriuk has 20 hives

In Nazi news, Vladimir Katriuk a 91 year old man living in Quebec has  been added to a notorious list of the world’s most wanted Nazi war criminals. He was was found living a quiet life in Quebec as a beekeeper, but suspicions were raised after watching how the man celebrates remembrance day (as seen in image below).

everyone loves a parade.

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DogTV Is A Dog’s Best Friend

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doggone good television

DogTV has become so popular that it’s headed for national distribution.  DogTV execs say that when dogs watch TV, it falsely helps them to not feel so alone much like facebook and the internet does for humans.  
Beke Lubeach, head of marketing for DogTV, says that research shows, dogs love watching other dogs and also enjoy birds, monkeys, zebras and the television show 2 and a half men.

dogs love Charlie Sheen

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