Is Rob Ford Losing His Nation?

November 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

TRTN, NOV 1, 2013, Mockery-1

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s popularity amongst voters is sinking fast in light of recent confirmation of the existence of a video depicting the Mayor smoking crack .  Even Ford’s die hard supporters the ‘Ford Nation’ have given up.  Luckily he still has the support of ‘Ford Nathan’, a 96 year old man who doesn’t have the internet and only checks the news about once every 4 years.

TRTN, NOV 1, 2013, Mockery-2


Cream Of Canadian Wheat

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farmers aren't motivated by titty

farmers aren’t motivated by titty

The Wheat Board of Canada is under fire for using pinup girls in their advertisements to woo farmers into buying their product.  Farmers call the ads sexist but much prefer them to the previous campaign “Eat Your Wheat”.

cream of wheat

cream of wheat

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F-35’s Too Expensive For Canada

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F35 price tag a bit too steep

F35 price tag a bit too steep

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have decided not to buy the F-35 fighter plane as it will be costlier than anticipated.  The new plan is to throw hand grenades from the windows of West Jet planes for as low as $1300 return depending on the time of year.
costly and quite deadly

costly and quite deadly

Harper Vetos Bridge Regulations

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bridge regulations are so fascist.

In an effort to increase trade, Stephen Harper will exempt any company that wants to build a new Windsor to Detroit bridge from all environmental regulations. This is of course great news for Shitty Eddies Bridge Company who constructs their bridges out of rusty paint cans and plastic six pack rings.

avoid crossing.

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Sleepless and Horny?

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lack of sleep makes you flabby

A recent study shows that sleep deprivation leads to obesity.  The study issued a last minute amendment to it’s claims that if your sleep deprivation is due to tons of hot dirty all night slut sex, then you’re fine.  Especially if you are obese.

all night long sex keeps you in good health

Safety is Sexy

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buckle up buttercup

A new study proves that cyclists are three times more likely to have a fatal injury while not wearing a helmet.  Many young cyclists still refuse to wear a helmet because they believe that  “this is yet another ploy by the media to try to stop us from looking hot on our bikes.”

who puts a helmet on sex?

Toronto Strip Clubs Amend Touchy Laws

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some touching allowed!

Council has loosened the rules on Toronto strip clubs which, formerly were strictly no touching, to allow handshakes.  While this may seem mundane to some but there some men who are very happy to hear the news because they have dicks for hands.

high five!

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