North Korea’s Sexy Missiles

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America is intrigued

America is intrigued

The White House claims that North Korea’s launch of a long-range ballistic missile last week was a “highly provocative act.” It is still unclear which part of the missile launch gave Obama a boner.
sexy missile

sexy missile


Italian PM Convicted of Fraud

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^ this guy won’t do well in Prison

Former Prime Minister of Italy and Billionaire businessman Sylvio Berlusconi was sentenced to 4 years in Prison for not paying taxes on American movies he bought and aired on his private network.  The ex PM decided to appeal the decision when made aware that prison isn’t at all like his favourite  jail themed porno ‘Sentenced to Suck’.

life does not always imitate art

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Delicious STD Desserts!

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tastes best warm

A London Exhibition hopes to raise awareness of sexually transmitted diseases by selling a wide array of specially designed cupcakes that look like STD’s.  The exhibit was quickly closed when Russell Brand was founded having sex with the Herpes cupcake.  The cupcake was a tart.

too much temptation for Brand

Red Bull Gets You Higher

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go for a bull ride

Last Sunday Felix Baumgartner jumped out of a space capsule from above the stratosphere over the New Mexico desert. Red Bull sponsored the event to promote their new energy drink that makes your heart feel like you have jumped out of a space capsule from above the stratosphere over the New Mexico desert.

red bull grabs YOU by the horns

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Baumgartner Breaks Records and Hearts

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what went through his mind?

The world was anxious to know what went through handsome Felix Baumgartner’s mind while attempting this heroic jump.  The world stopped anxiously listening after he mentioned his stupid girlfriend.

girlfriend smirlfriend

Child free Flights of Bliss

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adults only, call now

AirAsia has created a Child-Free ‘Quiet Zone’ on all their flights. One passenger was quoted as saying “finally i can jerk off under a thin blanket without listening to that shitty baby cry.”

blanket hides shame and cleans it up

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Netanyahu Thinks You’re an Idiot

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Try to stay with me here.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used a simple diagram to explain the world what would happen if Iran were to enrich uranium.  Natanyahu used this more detailed diagram (pictured below) to  reveal their plans if Iran tries to blow them up.  

Israel has a solution

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