Stopping Abortion With Deadly Force

September 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

“I’ll stop those damn abortionists”

GOP Candidate for Sheriff Frank Szabo says he’s so pro life that he’ll stop abortion with deadly force. He also says that he’s so pro feeding the poor that he often hunts them down and donates their meat to soup kitchens.

mmm delicious hobo meat


Amnesty International Hates Us

May 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

“Let us agree to be dickheads”

Canada has been cited by Amnesty International in its annual report on human rights atrocities for its failure to arrest George Bush while he was on Canadian soil.   Amnesty says it is willing to forgive Canada this ‘over sight’ in exchange for the arrest of  American refugee and war criminal, Randy Quaid.                                                                            

Where, oh where did the 90’s go?

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A Beekeeping Nazi

May 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Katriuk has 20 hives

In Nazi news, Vladimir Katriuk a 91 year old man living in Quebec has  been added to a notorious list of the world’s most wanted Nazi war criminals. He was was found living a quiet life in Quebec as a beekeeper, but suspicions were raised after watching how the man celebrates remembrance day (as seen in image below).

everyone loves a parade.

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Killer Themeparks.

April 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

tasteless tourism

In murderer news, Family members of victims who were killed by serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer are protesting the new Jeffrey Dahmer walking tour. Family members are calling it evil, but tourists say it’s even better than the Charles Manson Waterslide.

Though the victims family’s maintain that the park is in poor taste, one 6 year old cousin admits, “I really like the petting zoo.  The Llamas are so sweet.” Her mother added begrudgingly, “Yes, the llamas are quite lovely.”

Manson Waterslide!

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